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Our practitioners at Lele Paparua WELLNESS, aka Kanaka Psychics, are trained and dedicated to assisting patient clients in their personal growth, reducing stress, and improving their well-being and the quality of their lives. We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, life transitions, guilt & grief.

We assist individuals and families by talking through concerns using Traditional Hawaiian Ho'opono and non traditional therapies by learning to restructure unhealthy patterns. We listen to YOU. We can help match you with one of our expert spiritual therapists. We offer services from Makaha to Honolulu, O'ahu, and the Ka'u District of Hawai'i Island.

Our philosophy is that the most effective outcomes are best met through a collaborative, supportive, and strengths-based therapeutic relationship. Our patients learn how to effectively relate and build rapport with others, problem-solve, and cope by providing insightful and practical guidance.

For most, seeking guidance for personal challenges can be difficult. The most important factor is choosing a psychic therapist you feel comfortable with and someone you trust. All information is confidential. Please feel free to contact us for a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Serving all of Hawaii, and the Surrounding Areas

Services: In-Person Direct Messages - by appointment only OR live online sessions - by phone or Facetime. If by phone pictures of the layouts may be sent via text for reference. We accept appointments if you're interested in experiencing the spiritual benefits of indigenous modern Hawaiian shamanism. and well-care for your property. We look forward to bringing the JOY of spiritual readings to assist in our clients' lives. We are guided by spirit with Hawaiian spirituality, psychic tools, and abilities. We would be delighted to read and enlighten you with the necessary messages to expand YOUR spiritual awareness in aspects of LIFE.

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Our Hot Lavalava non-profit for dance allows inner-city and rural area children to learn the traditional cultural arts of Hawaii and Polynesia.

Our group of holistic practitioners is a group of Kanakamaoli native Hawaiians and others alike experts in the arts of Kahuna (wisdom) therapy for major and or minor events in regard to one's personal or business life. We offer other holistic practitioners the opportunity to build rapport and assist them in integrating their spiritual business and finances to come into alignment. By offering business model integration. Servicing the entire islands of Hawaii either by phone or in-person appointments.



At our company, we are passionate about hula and the rich cultural heritage it represents. Our team of dedicated and skilled instructors are all accomplished professionals with a deep...



We are dedicated to providing psychic and spiritual services to individuals seeking peace and balance in their lives...

Auto Repair

Auto Repair

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch auto repair services to our valued clients. We take pride in our ability to diagnose and fix any issue that comes our way...

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