About Kanaka Psychics

Kahealani Costa, Phone Operator/Psychic Team Leader 38 years experience in spiritual consultations

Intuitive Medium
Spiritual Healer
Hawaiian Ancestral Connections
Elemental Worker
Remote Reiki
Variety of Life’s Aspects

Love, Career, Intimate Relationships, Jobs, Decisions, Deceased loved ones, Pets, and Positive Possibilities.

IG: @tarotbyfrancisco
FB: @kanakapsychics
YT: @kanakapsychics

Kahu KAHEALANI - (Kuh heyah lah nee) Hawaiian Meaning: The Calling of The HIGHEST Heavens where the CREATOR resides. She is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), Born into a ‘ohana (family) of Hula and Kahuna in both polarities (light & dark) Arts of Hawaiian and Portuguese. She was raised by the Keala family from Kalihi, Oahu. She experienced many spiritual occurrences from age 3. She was hanai (adopted) by this spiritual group, which the Kealas associated themselves with from Ka'a'awa OAHU. She was given to the Keala family that she would be able to learn from them (kahuna) and NOT be threatened by hewa (wrong) people on her spiritual journey. In 1985, she became a Kumu Hula (teacher of the spiritual dance of Hawaii) to kindly step into her peaceful new part of being a hula teacher; Kahealani endured vigorous training physically, mentally, and spiritually. She was the youngest hula teacher in Hawaii from that era. In 2001, she met an Authentic Kahuna from Pauoa Oahu. She has trained with him in the arts of Hawaii and Portugal. She was the ONLY female chanter at the Temple of Lono (God of PEACE). Kahealani is a Ta Ite’ Paparua (which refers to the ability to SEE (HEAR & FEEL) things from multiple perspectives simultaneously). Kahealani is the PBX Operator/Psychic TEAM Leader for Kanaka Psychics of Hawaii.

Spiritual Abilities

Scrying looking into the water well of symbols, etc.
Dream interpretation
Communicating with spirit
Hawaiian Ceremony/Blessings: boat, baby, wedding, ground breaking, canoe, pet, etc.
Ho’oponopono - Therapy with SELF, Family or groups (Corporate)
Spell that has manifested in the physical to transform it or RETURN TO SENDER. (we reserve the right to refuse services)
Elemental Work - Rain Wind Fire Earth Ocean and Fresh waters of Hawaii.
Many spiritually related issues are resolved with spiritual tasks.
Interpreting symbols and messages
‘Oki Removal of unwanted guests - Residential and Commercial properties
Many other related spiritual gifts but NOT limited to


Scrying Bowl “umeke o ka malamalama”
Empathic (Ho’oikaika)
Oracle Cards
I - ching

Richard Francisco

Richard Francisco is the mobile Master Mechanic for Kanaka Psychics, who diagnoses vehicles, trucks, tractors, cars, etc. Also known as Auto Diagnostic Psychic. In the past, he served in the US Navy on the Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier. Rich is a well traveled individual and is easy to get along with who resides in Ka'u, Hawaii island. He has worked for over 25 years with FMI (Fleet Maintenance Incorporated) in Oregon. He has family in Miloli'i and, in 2020, decided to move to Hawaii. He worked briefly for Kenworth and PreOwned Auto in Kailua-Kona. Now serves the residents and businesses of Ka'u. Pahala - Na’alehu - Waiohinu - Kahuku - Ocean View - Miloli'i - South Kona

Lali is a Kanaka & born “awake”, what many would call a highly intuitive Empath/Medium. In 2016 she decided to fully step into her spiritual power & hoʻomana the divine Hina that lives within. Since then, Lali’s has trained in multiple modalities of energy healing, Angel Intuitive Certified as well as crystal & aroma therapy. Lali uses a combination of divination tools like Oracle cards, crystals & oils to provide an array of holistic services & hoʻolei (mystical forecasting) with intuitive readings. As a Medium Lali is able to connect to spirits on the other side and translate their symbols, emotions and feelings into words. Using cards & crystals help to clarify the message.

Lali also teaches spiritual & energy healing courses to help others awaken & understand their extrasensory abilities. By shifting how we see ourselves we can see the divine light in all life. “The products I create are designed to assist with the spiritual awakening & empowering process so we can all walk our soul purpose with the guidance of akua & kupuna. My work is to lead others to their own spiritual empowerment, to live with confidence & connected to all beings of light.”

🌺 Aloha! I'm Eileen Powers, are you ready to embark on a journey with me? Good because I'm ready for you. Our journey together can entail intuitive card reading and/or Reiki work all done from the vibrant west side of O’ahu. Growing up in a spiritually active home, I have embraced my intuitive gifts, assuming everyone experienced the "knowing." Now, I am able to deliver messages from your Angels, Guides and Loved ones.

My journey led me to sense passing's, draw in hidden energies, and predict earthquakes. In 2010, I mastered Reiki in Sechim and Usui methods, following the lineage of Makai Usui. Dedicating myself to spiritual healing, I now practice in-person, distance Reiki including animal Reiki. Also, I've worked as a volunteer in several hospice's before and during the pandemic. The profound healing experiences affirmed the power and abilities of energy healing.

As a seasoned Tarot/Angel Card Reader, I trained with luminaries Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Recognized for my keen connection to the spirit world, I mentor using Reiki, Oracle, and Tarot. I co-created the "Sacred Embers" network and hosted "Angel Antixx." Venturing into live-streaming on Twitch with "Violet Light Wellness," I offer live readings every Sunday. As I transition to YouTube, I aim to create an engaging space for seekers to connect with divine messages.

Honored in the 6th International Election of the World's Best Light workers, as featured in American Psychic and Medium Magazine, I invite you to join me in embracing the joy of connecting with your spirited Angel communicator. Through laughter, high spirits, and divine messages, experience the transformative power of intuitive insights and energetic healing on your spiritual journey from the island of Oahu. Don't miss the opportunity to connect and experience the magic! 🌈✨